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Neoclassic Kitchen Design

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Many designers and homeowners are drawn to the timeless white classic kitchen!

WilliamOhsbrand “NEXT- NEOCLASSIC” kitchen styling takes signals from this design preference to create a refined and innovative classic re-interpretation which still employsWilliamOhs European, frame-less cabinet construction and pre-engineered elements that facilitate a flawless installation.

Basic features of WilliamOhs “NEXT- NEOCLASSIC” includes sculptural drawer fronts and continuous horizontal rails as well as three variations of door styling.

NEXT- NEOCLASSIC” is additionally furnished with unique classic leg patterns and “Focus Cabinets” with metalized finishes.

WilliamOhs  “NEXT- NEOCLASSIC” is expressly created to become a kitchen styling that embodies both tradition and innovation – an appearance that honors a connection with the past while pioneering a new direction for WilliamOhs.

(“Classic styling : characterized by simple tailored lines correct for a variety of places and occasions,and basically in fashion year after year”.)